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Harrell Family | Colorado Springs, CO

This family is so cool! And I'm honored they are such big supporters of my business. Brooke is one of my best friends and not only do we get to do branding photos from time to time, her brother and sister-in-law have also done an engagement and now maternity session with me! It was so fun to have the whole family together for updated family photos this fall. I think this is the first time they've had a full family session in about a decade?? How true is that for many of us. Time just slips away!

We went to Palmer Park, which is actually the first time I've shot there. The only times I've ever been to Palmer were for a class during college--Maps and Compasses. Coolest class ever, and we traipsed around the park for a few hours for a few weekends for our "labs." But that was years ago, so it was fun being back in the park and exploring some good locations this time around.

Everyone also did a great job color coordinating! With three households now that kids are grown, moved out, and married, they picked a general color tone and a few colors they knew worked for them. So impressed with their choices! It was perfect, especially with our background of fall colors.

Here are some of my faves!

Can't have a successful family photo shoot without a "band shot" to finish the day...!


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