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Creative in Quarantine

Well here we are, 6-8 weeks into the shelter in place (depending where you live/how long you've been staying home). And it looks like things might start to open back up, albeit slowly. Most photographers have been completely out of commission for two months, and we're all slowly starting to open back up this month.

But even though I haven't been photographing people much lately, I have had a lot of time for other creative outlets and it has been so much fun. From painting canvas bags to arranging flowers and lots of watercolor in between, I've enjoyed creating just for the sake of it. Maybe you have, too!

My first "photo shoot" since before all of this began was this past week, when my friend Madi and I decided to hop on a FaceTime call and do a virtual shoot just for fun. She got dressed up and told me when the lighting would be good in her living room, and then we found places for her to set up her camera while I directed her to some fun spots. We bounced ideas off each other and came up with some fun things!

Here are some highlights...

Moral of the story, don't stop creating! Even when things look different, even when your usual mediums might be unavailable to you. There's a saying: the more creativity you use, the more you have. Experiment with new things, pick up an old creative joy, do something just to bring a little bit of beauty into your home and your life.

Whether you pick wildflowers and press them, build a monthly bouquet, paint or draw or doodle, whether you write or play music, whether you're working on a novel or short story or poem, there is always creativity waiting for you.

Until next time, friends. Go out and do something creative!


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