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Amber | Woodland Park, CO | Personal Branding Session

Amber and I headed up to Woodland Park for a fall adventure--we were in search of the changing leaves, determined to take photos of the fall colors. Fall in Colorado can be a tricky thing, because some years the freeze will cause everything to dry up and fall off too quickly. Other years, a drought might push the changing colors out for weeks.

This year, though we had a random snowstorm in early September, October has started out mild and full of gold trees. We were so excited to see this beautiful aspen grove just off the side of the road, an unexpected but perfect location!

No matter who you are, whether you're an influencer or entrepreneur, work-from-home mom or aspiring photographer yourself, personal brand photos are so important. An updated headshot and a few cute photos can go a long way, and I love being able to photograph people as the seasons change! Amber wanted updated photos of herself, and they turned out amazing. Here are some of my favorites...


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