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Winter Magic | Brooke | Colorado Springs, CO

Brooke has officially joined the ranks of people who will stand in freezing weather for photos with me! I have told all my close girlfriends that if they have any long, beautiful dresses, I will do photoshoots with them any time. Bridesmaid dresses, ballgowns, even a few costumes. I'm a sucker for a beautiful girl in a long dress that flows in the wind. And if you know me as a photographer or just as a person, you know I'm a sucker for magical, whimsical things. This year I photographed Michelle on the edge of a forest and in a sunflower field, Madison overlooking the mountains, and now Brooke in the snow.

This freezing shoot went so well. It was about 30 degrees and she did absolutely amazing. She even offered to take off her shoes at one point! I know I wouldn't be brave enough to do that, but I'm glad she was. She was like a wintery gypsy princess and it was great. It was such a cool shoot and we've been obsessed with the outcome. Check out just some of my favorites!

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