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Oh, Oh, Oh, She's Magic | Madison | Colorado Springs, CO

I'm feeling all sorts of whimsical vibes. Madison was a D R E A M! We twirled a whole lot, tried some fun stuff with her beautiful dress, and just dreamt up things while we played around in this beautiful field.

Speaking of, it's literally off the side of a random road on the north side of the Springs! Crazy, right?! Some of these shots have me feeling like she's in the mountains, some take me to far away places... all of them inspire a sense of story, and I think that's just beautiful. This shoot was so good for this creative's heart, and I'm so glad Madison trusted me to make some magic.

Also, I LOVED how the shots turned out as the sun dipped behind those mountains and we were greeted with a stunning sunset. I just wanted to focus on those bright hues, so I took the last shots in a slightly different way than my traditional style. And it was great.

Check out only a few of my favorites from our Labor Day weekend shoot...


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