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Michelle | Sunday Vibes

I needed to do something creative, and a photo shoot is always a great outlet for so many reasons. I love that photography brings people together in some pretty cool and unique ways, and it can inspire all sorts of other creative avenues from it. So I hit up my girlfriends to see who was available and had a dress they'd be willing to put on.

Michelle and I drove less than a mile from my house to get to this park. Originally, I had another place in mind, but on the day of it ended up being better using something suuuper local. We walked around a bit and settled on a few different spots, then just had fun being girly and creative. After church and lunch, a photo shoot (and consequently, some editing) was the best way to end a Sunday!

Check out some of my faves, we got some really cute stuff!

Wondering how I get some of these shots, how I edit, or why I do things the way I do? I share a resource every Sunday so send me your questions and they might be the ones being answered!

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