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The Parking Spot

Today was the first day of my last college semester. I usually take classes online, but this one had to be on campus. I don't do well with walking long distances (because, y'know, passing out and stuff) so as I pulled into the parking lot, I just told God I needed a spot within a certain area.

It's funny how little things can parallel some bigger circumstances in our lives.

I pulled into the only open spot I could find and knew it wasn't within the distance I could handle. I asked the Lord to provide a space for me within what I could do.

A spot did open up a few rows closer to the building. And as I drove into it, I didn't feel satisfied. It was within the realm of possibility, for sure, but it was definitely still far away. I sat there for a while, ate some snacks, and decided to try again.

Then I started to doubt my resolve. What if I couldn't find anything closer? I wanted something within walking range and wondered if I should just stay where I was. But I guess in the end I was willing to try, because what's the worst that can happen?

And wouldn't ya know, there was an open spot one row away from the building, right where I needed to be. It was about as close as I could get. When I parked the car, I couldn't help but laugh because in a way, it really felt like God gave me that spot specifically.

It struck me as I sat, finishing off my hummus and pretzels, how the parking situation kind of parallels my life. I have these moments when I'm parked and debating if I should leave to seek out something better. Leaving means taking a risk, and it could mean someone swooping in and stealing that spot. Leaving is opening myself up to the possibility of not finding anything closer, or ending up further than when I started.

Maybe that's why, in my life, I tend to stay in my parking spot. I don't always choose to be brave and take a chance. Because doing that means I might lose my spot.

And I'm terrified of losing my spot, because I feel like I've worked hard for it (even when sometimes I haven't). It feels secure, even if it's not as good as it could get. Something is better than nothing, I tell myself. In life, I let myself stay far away because I'm scared of the unknown of looking for something closer.

I think God has so much more in store in my life though, if I would leave the parking space and be bold enough to seek a new one.

It makes me want to be more bold in other pursuits in my life, to take a chance and just see what good things can come of it!

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