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Hipster Princess: Moana

If you've been around for a while, you know about my "Hipster Disney Princesses" photo projects. Started in 2013, I've been IN LOVE with these photo shoots for years. It's been a while since I've had a hipster princess shoot, so needless to say I am stoked to be sharing these with you now...


Check out the awesome top 10 photos we got of this wayfinder--and make sure you scroll to the bottom to catch my hipster princess-related announcement!

Alright, announcement time... I will be re-releasing the princesses you've seen and loved with updated edits!

If you've followed this series since the OG Princesses, you've seen the editing style we chose at the beginning. (5 whole years ago!) With Moana, I didn't feel like she fit the old version we'd used.

So we decided it'd be fun to re-release photos from the other princesses with this new editing style because it's fresh and you can see how they all fit together as we go on with the series!

"Go on with the series," Laurel? What does that mean?

Well, now that you's a SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT!

We are officially expanding to Hipster Disney Ladies! We'll be doing awesome ladies like Jane, Megara, Alice, Wendy, and more! So. Excited. I can't wait! :)

Which Disney ladies are you excited to see??

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