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In the Woods

November's photo project crept up on me. I asked my sister-in-law to model and she said yes, but after that I completely dropped the ball on planning due to a busy month (and feeling sick). About two days before our scheduled shoot, we texted a little about the planning and general idea of where we were going.

But I changed locations in my mind about four times! I thought about Pulpit Rock park (we can't hike that far! #dysautonomiaproblems), Gold Camp Road (but it's a far drive, and...#dysautonomiaproblems), and another park, but we ended up going to Fox Run. It worked out fabulously! Because, as people know, I love the forest.

I had a blue cloak my mom made me towards the end of high school as a longstanding agreement, to sew each of the kids one of their own. And armed with that, we got some sweet shots!


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