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Hipster Princess Extras: Ariel

Ariel was the last princess we photographed, the only one of these shoots I did in 2014 (the rest were done in 2013). This girl was a trooper, spraying on red hair dye to get Ariel's signature RED! We shot these in my living room, after some careful redecorating to set up a scene that mimics the grotto. Here's one of our final picks for the project:

We pulled out all the whoosits and whatsits we could think of to put together her eclectic scene. It turned out quite well!

I liked the perspective of this shot, but there were a lot of random bits in the background I didn't want. Like the cord next to the bookshelf, the cut-off jewelry box, and the table legs. All in all, it just didn't fit as well!

This one was a bit better, but ended up not being one of our strongest shots! I did, however, like the ship in the background, the blue painting looks a bit like under-the-sea water, and the glimpse of knick knacks on that bookshelf.

I liked the window lighting on her face in this one! But ultimately, it didn't have the feel of the shoot were were going for. The framing of this shot could've been better on my end, so I decided to nix it.

This was somewhat modeled after Ariel's well-known shot on the rock with waves crashing behind her...but it ended up looking like a girl sitting on a piano stool, to me, so I decided against it. There was too much white space in the background! Oh well, it was a good idea!

The Hipster Princess project was so much fun! It makes me want to do more like these! Maybe one day, I will. ;)


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