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Hipster Princess Extras: Aurora

Ah, Briar Rose. The one with the operatic voice who (fun fact) had the least amount of lines of any Disney Princess. This one was a hard shoot to do, trying to find all the little things that make this princess unique and fit them into a hipster scene. My friend and model for this shoot, the lovely Michelle, has known me since 2007. She did great in this forest-themed princess shoot, and here was one of our final photos:

We gave her a blue+pink outfit, an owl necklace, a bike (because people don't ride horses any more), berry juice, and some knitting tools.

Here, we see a rare shot of the co-creator of the Hipster Princess project: she helped brainstorm ideas, set up scenes with me, and gave insight into the best ways to portray hipster princesses. Hannah moved so quickly, I barely had time to snap this shot before she disappeared behind the scenes!

Okay, this photo looks super random. And it is. Because right after we wrapped up the shoot, a bird landed on a branch right above Michelle! She embraced her inner princess by calling out to it, and I got a shot of the exchange. If you look carefully, you can see the bird near the top of the picture!

This girl has such a cute smile! We were getting some shots to portray Aurora's sleep-filled stage of life. Ultimately we chose an even cuter photo than this one for the shoot.

So fun looking back on the fun days of my princess project! Have a great weekend, y'all!


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