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Hipster Princess Extras: Cinderella

The world fell in love with Cinderella. Walt Disney himself said her dress transformation was one of his favorite pieces of animation. I concur. My friend Amber agreed to model for Cinderella, way back in 2013, which wasn't difficult...because she really IS Cinderella! This girl is graceful, kind, and boy oh boy, can she dance! Here's one of our faves from the project:

(Look at that! It's Cinderella to a T!)

This one was fun--I was on a ladder and my sister held it steady while I precariously leaned over to get the shot. I felt like the framing wasn't as good as it could have been, though. While it was a fun one, it wasn't as strong as some of the others!

I felt similarly about this one. She's so cute and I liked all the random shoes about, but the framing could have been better on my end! I felt like it was a tad bit too busy, with everything going on in there. (Btw, is it weird I miss some of the shoes in this shot? I see my old, favorite pair of TOMS and wish I still had them. Sigh.)

I wanted a photo of Cinderella looking at the clock but this one ended up being too busy. Her reflection in the mirror, the dead space and obvious placement of a clock on a just wasn't as good as some other pictures that day!

I really wanted this one to make the cut! Cute smile, and you can see the little pumpkin necklace my sister made for the shoot. We ended up with another, similar shot--but I always wished I had picked this one! I wanted people to see that little pumpkin! Ah, well. You can see it now, anyway. :)

Looking back on these hipster princesses' shoots is so much fun! More to come!


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