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Hipster Princess Extras: Jasmine

Madi was a dead ringer for Princess Jasmine--she's fiery and confident, stands up for what's right, and she's gorgeous! While Jasmine's outfit was the trickiest to figure out, the shoot was so much fun. And this girl was a fantastic model! Here's one of our final shots from this princess:

That bag on her shoulder? Hannah hand-drew unique stickers that tie into the movie. And it's also where we hid our Mickey pin--that's right, we have a "hidden Mickey" in every princess's shoot!

I had such a grand idea for this picture--I thought once it was cropped, it would be perfect. It turned out a little too busy for what we wanted, and we had some super cute ones we chose instead. But I still like the shot, even though it isn't perfect!

Aladdin meets Jasmine in the's equivalent, the mall! This shot was close, but I ended up choosing another that wasn't cropped all funky (2013 Laurel trying to be creative).

Do y'all remember Jasmine's HUGE fountain? We did some recreating--and in this shot, you can catch a glimpse of our props, like the sandglass in her bag. But the lighting wasn't quite right, and sadly, this photo ended up not making the cut.

Okay--so this picture actually did make it in the final cut! I wanted to show it here because every time I see this shot, I crack up. We were in the back section of a store trying to get some low-key shots. I had to whip out the camera, take the photo, and stick it back into my bag when no one was looking. We pretended to actually be shopping, to avoid getting in trouble! Madi went up to this lamp and we were spotted right as I snapped this shot--to cover, she actually asked an employee about it and asked if they had it in another color! She didn't end up buying it, though... ;)

Man, these princess shoots were so much fun! A lot of good memories. There's more Princess Extras to come!


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