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Hipster Princess Extras: Tiana

Ah, the Frog Princess. I was nervous for this one because I wasn't as familiar with the movie as with some of the others I'd grown up on, but we had some great ideas going and it made the shoot fun (like all). Here's a photo that made it into the final cut of the shoot:

Fun fact: I actually photoshopped the titles of a few of the books sitting at the table. Running Your Own Business and Business Manager. Astronomy Today remained the same; that was a real textbook. I wanted all the books to tie into the actual storyline of this princess.

This photo felt different than the rest of the set, a little more like she was stumped rather than brainstorming ideas, so we decided to cut it. But it's still cute!

This closeup was fun, but ended up not making the cut for a few reasons. One of them was that I was feeling lazy and didn't want to photoshop all the textbooks in the background! Haha.

Smiling princesses are my favorite--and I liked this photo! In the end, since we could only choose a top ten, it didn't make it, but I wish it did. Cause, I mean, look how cute she is. Seriously.

This last one was our final shot of the day--and how fun it was! I think this gives a great look at Emma's personality and the overall fun we had at the shoot. Though it didn't get put in with the ten final shots, it made us excited about the up and coming restaurant! Haha.

That's it for Tiana, folks! Stay tuned, there are more hipster princesses to come...

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