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Hipster Princess Extras: Rapunzel

Back in 2013, I took on a photo project titled Hipster Princesses. Y'all voted and asked to see some of the "extras" from Rapunzel's shoot first! It was a tricky shoot, being inside and having low light, but this girl was a phenomenal model for me. Here's one of the photos that made the cut:

Big thanks to this awesome girl, who portrayed this princess beautifully!

We happened to already have this great handmade mug and tried some shots with it, like the one above, but in the end we chose to put in the others in the set. I've always loved this shot, though, because it's so Rapunzel!

It's very subtle, but for those of you who know to look for it, you can see our little Mickey pin in the photo to the right. That pin made it into each of the princess's photo sets! This photo didn't make the cut for a similar reason as the last one--just didn't seem to fit, in the end.

This one was actually in the end set, but I cropped it quite a bit because I realized in post-edit that her sandals were in the background, and I didn't like that. I don't mind it now, though! (And yes, her hand is on her face in every shot--we were going for a wistful look and it ended up with a lot of this pose! Another reason we didn't need 'em all!)

And here's a random photo of my creative director Hannah fixing Rapunzel's hair--she was a big help, fixing little details and creating a great atmosphere by playing Disney songs in the background.

Anywho, there you have it. Some extra photos from Rapunzel's photo shoot. Choosing only 10 photos is difficult! Tiana is coming soon. :)

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